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NTA members join to demonstrate?their www.2edk.cnmitment to the profession, further their education, and collaborate and partner with the best the travel industry has to offer.?If you are buying from or selling to any segment of the North American travel market — inbound, outbound or within the continent — then you belong at NTA.

NTA delivers access to an array of resources to keep you in the know. Travel trends, research, new market and product development options are at your fingertips. Check out these 10 ways to use your membership year-round.

NTA Is About People

NTA members are travel professionals just like you, and our events open up a world of opportunity for personal development and business growth. We specialize in sharing ideas, opening new markets and developing new relationships for our members - with each other and with customers. Because travel is about people too.

Travel Exchange

The industry’s premier business appointment show. It’s where you’ll meet to create itineraries, form partnerships, find solutions and learn about the latest trends. Sign up to attend TREX18 in Milwaukee today; early-bird rates expire June 12!

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NTA’s annual buyer retreat is about working together to sharpen your skills. Attendees talk shop with other tour pros, and connect with each other and sponsoring seller members in a prescheduled-appointment session. Join us in Tucson, Arizona in 2019!

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Global Access

NTA members are based in all 50 states, each of the 13 Canadian provinces and territories, and more than 40 countries worldwide.?NTA is the leading global association for packaged travel. We connect tourism professionals working the North American market — inbound, outbound and within the continent.

Diverse Business

NTA has members from more than 40 countries, and we are continually expanding our reach through strategic partnerships and new markets. This gives you access to the most authentic travel experiences in the industry.?NTA’s membership is unparalleled in its opportunities for experiential tour product. Our suppliers include attractions, restaurants, hotels, outfitters, airlines, cruise lines and railroads, while our destination members cover everything from rural www.2edk.cnmunities and bustling cities to states, provinces and countries.

Hot Markets

Are you engaged in a market that’s gaining momentum? While some NTA members package and serve a variety of tour types, others are specialists. For every market, there’s an NTA member available to partner with you.

Faith Travel Association

NTA members have deep and broad access to an exclusive and ever-growing FTA www.2edk.cnmunity, plus benefits focused on faith-travel programs and services.

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China Inbound Program

By 2019, China is projected to be the third-largest U.S. inbound market with some 4.9 million visitors. And NTA has 200 registered tour operators to serve these travelers.

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Hispanic Travel Market

NTA’s Hispanic Market Advisory Group assists with a strategic agenda that focuses on the latest travel trends, research and business opportunities in this burgeoning segment.

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NTA membership helps you save in so many ways. www.2edk.cnpare the cost of doing business below.


A basic monitoring contract with an independent lobbyist starts at $20,000 per year. For NTA members, access to our government relations team is included in annual membership dues.


A www.2edk.cnpany listing on an online partnering site could cost $400 or more. Your organization’s listing on NTA’s online business www.2edk.cnmunity? FREE for members.


Purchasing a prospect list can cost around $950. Or, you could join NTA and use the online member search to download lists of member organizations for FREE!

The benefits of being many are many

There’s even more to membership. No matter where you go in this business, our insight travels with you.

NTA Online

Conduct business 24/7 through NTA Online downloadable member databases, news and benefit details. A healthy profile is your key to success in the association.

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Member Search

Our in-depth search function helps buyers find the best tour product and tour suppliers and DMOs connect with tour operators and travel planners.

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Stay Informed

Members can keep up to date on industry trends with Courier magazine and Tuesday e-newsletter, or find each other using our Member Directory.

News and publications


Expand travel knowledge through NTA seminars, webinars and our Certified Tour Professional program. Whatever our members need, NTA’s got them covered.

Empower yourself


Business expenses total in the hundreds, even thousands every year. NTA membership gives you the power of group purchasing that could pay for your membership and more!

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Gain Exposure

Want to reach hundreds of travel businesses and thousands of travel professionals all around the globe? In the travel world, no ad works better than an NTA ad.

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  • NTA has provided us the research and atmosphere to brainstorm new ways of doing things and fresh additions to trips, which has led to successful business development. Rachel Ranck, WorldStrides, NTA member since 1985
  • What NTA does is provide the right buyers. They provide the right people who make decisions. This is what makes this organization one I can’t afford to take off my list. John Stachnik CTP, Mayflower Tours, NTA member since 1979
  • I came to NTA to build a business, and that’s exactly what it did for us, as sales came in. For me, it’s the only outlet for new ideas. Matthew Squire, Select Travel Service (UK), NTA member since 2002
  • NTA membership and our attendance at the convention have provided us with more clients, more business relationships and more ideas. We are proud to belong to NTA. Daniele Panzarin, Target Travel (Italy), NTA member since 2007
  • The No. 1 member benefit of NTA has to be all the great professional and personal connections we’ve made over the past decade. Taunya Wolfe Finn, CTP, Wolfe Adventures & Tours, NTA member since 2005
  • We have not found a more reliable, more profitable or more consistent tourism venue in which to acquire new business than NTA. Diane Hohnstein, Hospitality Management Services, NTA member since 1999
  • I believe attending the NTA conferences allow me to create valuable relationships and work together with U.S. operators in creating great Scotland product. Maggie Anderson, VisitScotland, NTA member since 2003
  • NTA events provide us with beneficial networking with many top tour operators. It’s national and international in scope providing a global perspective. Tim and Elaine Moulder, Brilliant Edventures, NTA member since 2015

Unlock NTA Membership Potential

NTA’s six member categories help you connect with the right partners. Whether you specialize in creating tours and FIT travel, selling operator product, putting heads in beds, offering receptive services, providing business solutions or promoting what makes your destination unique,?NTA helps you seal the deal.

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