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7星彩00001中奖查询:Open my world: Who’s who at NTA

July 2, 2018

This week in our “Open my world” segment, we meet DMOs from Wisconsin and Pennsylvania as well as an iconic attraction in San Jose that are attending Travel Exchange ’18. These unique partners—and so many more—represent the diverse product options available at TREX18 this November in Milwaukee.

Visit Beloit
NTA contact: Matt Bosen
Beloit, Wisconsin
Markets: Student, family, arts/culture, adventure

Located just west of Milwaukee in southern Wisconsin, Beloit is a playground for both adult and student travelers. The Beloit Art Center is a buzzing place for art lovers, and throughout the year, plays host to a number of exhibitions and shows in its beautiful, spacious galleries. Seasonal festivals, such as the Downtown Beloit Fall Art Walk, also appeal to visitors of all ages, during which they can sample a variety of wines and appetizers while taking in the town’s unique shops and boutiques! There’s also an array of parks and golf courses for active visitors and plenty of culinary treasures to delight the entire group.

Philadelphia CVB
NTA contact: Jim DePhilippo
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Markets: Historical/heritage, events, student, culinary

The Philadelphia CVB is a full-service DMO providing personalized itinerary assistance, sample itineraries, technical tour manuals, brochures, slides, videos, clip art and posters to tour operators. Philadelphia is the perfect destination for groups, with a variety of historical sights, world-famous museums and attractions, outdoor activities, magnificent gardens, festivals and events, shopping, dining, sports and nightlife. Tour Independence Hall, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and visit the National Constitution Center’s new exhibit Hamilton: The Constitutional Clashes that Shaped a Nation.

Winchester Mystery House
NTA contact: Nathan Emmett
San Jose, California
Markets: Family, student, faith-based

When Winchester Rifle heiress Sarah L. Winchester began construction on a mansion of such magnitude and fine detail in 1884, it required the skills of the best carpenters and craftsmen for 38 continuous years until her death in 1922. Despite the best workmanship and talent money could buy, this unique mansion contains so many unexplained oddities that it became known as the Winchester Mystery House. It’s a perfect attraction to add that must-see element to your itinerary, which also offers wholesale rates, a gift shop, clean restrooms, café and convenient motorcoach parking.


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